Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where We're At

Today is the Wisconsin primary and Hawaii caucus. 94 pledged delegates are at stake for the Democrats. For Republicans, only Wisconsin votes, with 56 delegates.

According to NBC News, here's where we stand:

Official NBC News Hard Count (Democrats)
Obama 1,116
Clinton 985

NOTE: There are 44 pledged delegates still unallocated, including 19 from MD, 10 each from CO and GA and one each from IL, NM, NY, TN and DC.

NBC News Political Unit Estimate for those 44: Obama 24, Clinton 20.

NBC News Political Unit Superdelegate Count
Clinton 257
Obama 184

Obama 1,324
Clinton 1,262

Needeed to be Dem nominee: 2,025

Official NBC News Hard Count (Republicans)
McCain 822
Romney 282
Huckabee 243
Paul 14
Others 7

Needed to be nominee: 1,191

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a superdelegate holdout could leverage the moon from clinton right now.

if clinton wins the nomination, i wonder what offices will be left after her superdelegates have picked over them.