Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain/ Sanford '08

Reasons Why McCain Should Choose the South Carolina hero, Mark Sanford

1. In 4 years, he reduced South Carolina's budget deficit from $10 billion to $0

2. He, like McCain, is a leader in campaign finance reform.

3. He stands out against government waste: During his time in Congress, he returned $200,000 (1/3 of his office budget) and was inducted into the Taxpayers Hall of Fame. He even saved money while in Congress by sleeping on a cot in his D.C. office.

4. He is an all-around good guy. While being very smart (with an MBA from UVA), he enjoys spending time on his farm, surfing, and any other outdoor activity. He even was a cheerleader in college at Furman University.

5. He is a true environmental conservationist: He set aside more land than any other governor in history. Also, see his Washington Post editorial.

6. He stresses the need to "update" the government. In SC, his gubernatorial platform emphasized reforming the state's "horse and buggy" government to bring it into the 21st century. He truly strives for an efficient, responsive and fiscally responsible government.

7. He has the most fabulous family imaginable. Very Kennedy-esque. Four great boys and a smart and lovely wife (a past investment banker in NYC).

8. He is a clever campaigner. When he first ran for Congress in 1994, he was virtually unknown in South Carolina (having just moved there with his family). Out of absolute obscurity, he beat five other popular candidates in the SC primary.

9. He is very well liked in South Carolina. He won his gubernatorial seat by the largest margin of any SC candidate in recent memory.

10. Sanford's charisma, slight Southern drawl, and handsome looks will make the McCain ticket much more affable and voter-friendly.

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Chris Meehan said...

11. anne sather would be in line for secretary of the interior position