Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't Mess with SAM

Two SAM bloggers participated in the first round of Notre Dame's annual "Bengal Bouts" boxing tournament last night. With over 200 fighters, the event is the largest charity boxing tournament in the world.

In the 189 lbs. weight class, Chris Hapak easily scored a unanimous decision. Here's the write- up from the Notre Dame Observer:

Chris Hapak def. Thomas Smith
Hapak dominated Smith and beat the freshman by unanimous decision. Hapak was relentless, beating up on Smith from the moment the bell sounded. The freshman was unable to defend himself as he faced a barrage of jabs and swings. Smith improved as the fight went on but just couldn't stand up to the law student's onslaught.

In a closer match, my roommate, Chris "Don't call me Chris Meehan" Sheehan defeated his freshman opponent in a split decision in the 157 lbs. division. Sheehan impressed the crowd, and showed why the ladies love him so.

Next up for the bloggers is the second round on Thursday night.

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