Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama Music Video

This cool video is making the rounds on the inter-web this morning...

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anne sather said...

While I found this video very powerful, I also think it raises interesting questions regarding the use of the internet in modern elections. What role will this media form play in this election? Certainly, candidates can use You Tube videos, Facebook profiles, email, etc. to reach out to younger, technology-savvy citizens. However, does Obama benefit disproportionately to this new advertising form? Will online ads or movies like the Obama girl or this 'Yes We Can' videos really get young twenty-somethings to vote?

If I were a marketing adviser to Clinton, McCain, Romney, or anyone else, I would follow the trend. During the Gore-Bush race, MTV was praised for its "vote or die" campaign that successfully created a youth voting culture. The 2008 candidates might similarly use You Tube videos and Facebook to make voting a trend that appeals to my generation, Generation-Y.