Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unsafe in any Race?

In an announcement that set eyes rolling across the country, Ralph Nader, 74, said he is running for President on Meet the Press today.

This is the third consecutive White House run for the man who won 2.7% of the vote as a Green Party candidate in 2000, and is largely blamed for siphoning votes from Al Gore, leading to the George Bush presidency we all enjoy today. Four years ago, Nader was unable to get the Green Party nomination, and ran as an independent. He didn't get his name on the ballot in every state and received just 0.4% of the vote.

We at SAM would like to do our part for Mr. Nader's campaign, and so we've devised a few slogans that we think really cut to the heart of his candidacy:

No, we can't... but let's try anyway.

Because that McCain just ain't old enough!

Now, less than ever.

Because there can't be an "Unflinching vanity project" without "U"!

What's a US presidential election without two crotchety old white guys?!?

You Republicans owe me one


Anonymous said...

in defense of green party kids, at least this time when you're voting for nader you're voting for mccain. last time you were voting for bush.

C. P. Coleta said...

I got a slogan: "Vote for Nader...The Lean, Green, Corporate Ball-Busting Machine!"