Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Contradiction?

I've been confronted with an apparent contradiction of my two previous posts: In the last one I write that if the Democratic race goes to a brokered convention, Clinton is the beneficiary; yet in the prior post, I write that "the longer this drags on the more it favors Obama."

My muddled meaning is that Obama will do better with voters the longer the nominating contest goes. He'll have more time to persuade with his charisma and message. More than that even, more time to let people get used to the idea of him as president, especially older (Hispanic) voters who were so focused on the idea of Hillary.

The fact that he'll have a ton more money than she does won't hurt, either.

So where's the rub? Here: the Clintons are in General Sherman mode, they will slash and burn, leave nothing in the tank to get to the convention. They figure as long as they stop Obama from getting to that magic 2025 number, they can get to a brokered convention where their well- earned bartered respect will secure Hillary's nomination.

I realize that this makes Hillary seem like a schemer, attempting to steal the nomination from the people. I don't think it's like that. First, she could still win it outright, because the delegates are apportioned and it's just so damn close. At this unprecedented stage, with this unbelievably small margin, don't fault her for pulling out all the stops.

Would you want anything less of a president?

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