Monday, February 11, 2008

The Gore-acle Says...

The man many waited to join the '08 Democratic field may be on the verge of endorsing Barack Obama.

Al Gore, who words inspired this site, had vowed to stay on the sidelines throughout the primaries. And perhaps after the former Veep's honest dismissals of a possible third run for the White House, we should take him at his word. But the NY Daily News reports that he's considering coming out for Obama.

It's no secret that Gore and Hillary have been at odds since the 90s, and that the division deepened after the 2000 campaign. But Gore also is keenly aware of his new role of elder statesman, and may prefer to stay above the fray.

The News quotes two anonymous sources:

"The level of animus between them is unbelievable," a well-placed Hillary partisan confided.

A prominent Democratic strategist with close ties to both camps echoes: "The Clintons and the Gores can't stand each other."

The Gore endorsement would be a huge get for the Obama camp-- he's the "ultimate prize among uncommitted Superdelegates."

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The Ghost of L. Ron Hubbard said...

As the Magic 8-ball would say: Outlook Not So Good. Reports about a possible Gore endorsement have been circulating since the beginning of this race. Gore will stay out of the fray, playing the post-primary "Uniter" of the Democratic party. (This is, after all, possibly the most contentious presidential nomination in decades.)

As a side note, in many ways, Gore rather than Obama is the heir of the JFK mantle. Gore is universally respected by Democrats, he champions a core Democratic value, and his political potential was prematurely cut-short. He will try to avoid "tarnishing" his (somewhat white-washed) image. There's very little reason to strike a potentially fatal blow to a campaign supported by half of the Democratic party.