Monday, February 18, 2008

Just (copied?) Words

Barack Obama is getting flack from the Clinton camp for lifting parts of his speech in Wisconsin from Deval Patrick, the MA governor who won election in 2006.

For his part, Obama notes that he and Patrick are friends and compare ideas, but admits that he should have credited the source of his speech. His campaign said that the charge was evidence of the Clinton's team "grasping at straws."

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C. P. Coleta said...

From one Brother to another. The Clinton Camp may want to chill off on this, 'cause it may be another "Biggest Fairy Tale" moment. Yeah, he may have bit off a line from (my boy) Gov. Patrick, but it's minimized by the fact that Patrick's endorsed Obama. The wheels are awfully loose on The Hill's campaign for her to sustain pathetic attacks like this, and not square up with Obama on leadership qualities and ideas.