Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wide Left, Wide Right, Wide Stance

No doubt everyone has heard the story of Senator Craig's MN airport bathroom excursion. Chris Meehan has pointed out earlier in this post that this is not the first time the tri-term senator has dealt with homo-erotic situations. In fact, there seems to be a rash of conservative leaders being placed in compromising circumstances their constituents and followers would be surprised to know about.

Now, much has been said of the hypocrisy of these men who engage in lewd behavior, who all the while condemn such acts. One problem is their excuse. It's sometimes the devil and his evil ways. Lucifer made me do it. Other times, it's simply putting up a moral wall that appears impenetrable, then, thanks to some techies on the Hill, the aim chats prove the wall to be paper-thin.

In Senator Craig's case, it's simply denial. Denial that he solicited sex, but admitted to pleading guilty to - wait for it - having a wide stance. A wide stance! Then, he had to assure the world that he's not gay, nor ever has been. This preposterous incident has now led Sen. Craig to inform us of his defecation posture, and a staunch affirmation of his sexual preference, which, as we all know, usually means you're gay...not that there's anything wrong with it.

The sad part is this is probably a lame story compared to what the Conservative Coalition (of the More than Willing) has brought to the public square. State Rep. Bob Allen (FL-R) was so scared of a Black guy, that he offered him twenty dollars to perform oral sex. Now, that's fear. Ted Haggard was so screwed - pun intended - that he had to go to anti-gay camp, or something. Not long after, the man was born again - again. And has anyone seen Mark Foley?

All this is quite indicative of America's compulsion for hypocrisy, which is quite pathetic. Will Senator Craig's wife be demonized for not leaving him? Will Mrs. Vitter be excused for standing by her man, or will she be the new Hill on the Hill? When people vote for style and slogans as opposed to genuine ideas that address problems we face, we get senate debates about a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage; not an immigration deal or health care modification. But it's like what Karl Rove teaches us: It's not how you campaign or govern, it's whether you win the suckers' votes. It's the power, stupid.


Chris Meehan said...

ok, without getting too graphic, with regards to the "wide stance": is that a wide stance for "defecation" (as you nicely put it)? Because I figured they were standing next to each other at a urinal.

i know craig said he leaned down to pick up a scrap of paper (why wouldn't you pick up a scrap of paper off a public bathroom floor?), but the officer said there was no such paper (meaning what craig thought was a scap of paper was actually this guy's johnson).

CPUSA said...

Scrap of Johnson at that...

And they were in stalls, as I've heard it, because the guy noticed Craig moving his feet under the divider.

It's just a terrific story, and I love how the G.O.P. are going after this guy hardcore. At least we Dems don't shy away from Barney Frank (who was caught with a transvestite), we award him the Banking Committee.