Monday, August 6, 2007

Quote of the Day 8/6

"I had not heard of that"

- China's director of cultural activities on rumors that China has decided to pressure the Sudan to accept UN Peace keepers as a result of Steven Spielberg's threat to abandon his post as Artistic Advisor for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

China is far and away Sudan's largest trading partner, buying 65% of its oil, and had been very reluctant to pressure the country to accept UN security forces.

China, which as a rule doesn't mettle in the internal affairs of other countries (can you guess why?), made sure there would be no threat of sanctions against the Sudan. In exchange, the fledgling African Union peacekeeping force of 7000 will be supplemented with a force of 26000 UN police and security.

It's not clear how much influence Spielberg, who was under intense pressure from humanitarian groups, had in the matter; however, it is known that China desparately wants the Olympics to go as smoothly as possible. The entire city is undergoing a facelift, for what will be its, and to some extent China's, coming out party next summer.

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Eric said...

Way to go, Steve!