Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Carville on Rove

Karl Rove and James Carville: two giants of modern politics, each their respective party's most recognizable "behind the scenes" figure. Each man changed the way the game of politics is played, guiding unlikely candidates to the presidency. Rove, known as "Bush's brain," used wedge issues and mobilized the conservative base as George W. Bush's right hand man. Carville, aka the Ragin' Cajun, revolutionized political message and changed how it's delivered.

Yesterday, in a move that brought Gerald Ford's most famous quote to the minds of many Democrats ("Our long national nightmare is over"), Karl Rove announced he is leaving the White House.

Today, the Financial Times has reaction by Carville, Rove's rival and counterpoint.

Carville analyzes how Rove, despite "spectacular success," lost "a generation of Republicans" for his party. He really takes Rove to task in this. Check it out. In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for Carville in Washington, DC, and think he's the man.

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