Wednesday, August 15, 2007

RIP: Tommy Thompson... 's campaign

Tommy Thompson's presidential campaign passed away Monday, a spokesman said, after a long bout with obscurity and lack of funds.

Governor Thompson fought hard, right until the end, but after finishing a disappointing 6th of 11 candidates in the Ames, Iowa straw poll, the campaign finally succumbed. Mr. Thompson's campaign will be remembered for its... well, it won't be, but it was apparently a really cool campaign.

Thompson, Wisconsin's former governor, was somber after the news of his campaign's passing-- apparently the two were very close. "I respect the decision of the voters," he said. "If you can't compete in the heartland, if you can't compete in Iowa in August, how are you going to compete in November of '08?" In a related story, Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback were seen weeping a corner.

"This whole thing just hits too close to home," Tancredo said.

The campaign leaves behind the couple of hundred people who voted for Thompson, and whoever was dumb enough to give it money (interestingly, the campaign's dying words were: "A fool and his money are soon separated.")


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TMahoney said...

Chris, Agreed, Not the strongest candidate, but you do him an injustice by not pointing out his redeeming qualities. Everyone has redeeming Qualities. As Secretary of Health and Human Services, he was the ONLY candidate cued in on the healthcare problem in America. He did not see the problem as a fiscal one, but rather a medical one in that he stated 93% of our healthcare dollars go to treating sickness, while only 7% goes to preventing the sickness to begin with. Tommy Thompson appropriately and I believe correctly identified the problem as one which requires a paradigm shift in society towards disease reduction and preventitive medicine. This is not a Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative idea. If Americans lived healthier lives then disease reduction and thus healthcare savings would be realized. Hopefully, whoever gets elected will embrace this concept, get managed care under control...Mike Moore is correct in Sicko albehim theatrical....and solve the problem of the spiralling costs of healthcare through a paradigm shift in healthcare towards prevention. It is a non-partisan idea , that is why politikos can't grasp it, they need bipartisan or partisan. Good job on the blog Chris.

Chris Meehan said...

I realize he was a good candidate and did a lot for Wisconsin and America as head of HHS. At one point he actually looked like a legitimate candidate (albeit a good 2 years before the election).

It's just crazy how many candidates there have been in this election, he didn't really stand a chance in such a crowded field i guess.