Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"The floor recognizes the lead singer of WHAM!"

Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, reports that Senator Larry Craig (R- ID) was arrested for lewd conduct in a men's bathroom in June. No, he didn't pee on a toilet seat or leave without washing his hands, he allegedly propositioned an undercover officer for gay sex. Think George Michael.

When the officer (who was looking into reports that the airport bathroom had become a meeting place for such activity) took Craig to an airport detention center, Sen. Craig allegedly gave him a business card identifying himself as a United States Senator. "What do you think about that?" he reportedly asked.

Apparently, the officer didn't think much. Craig, who is married, plead guilty to the charge, because he said he just wanted the thing to go away. He said it was all a big misunderstanding. However, there had been rumors about the senator's sexual orientation before, as he was targeted by an activist group that seeks to out gay politicians who are hostile to gay rights.

Craig is up for re-election this year, but calls for his resignation are rampant.

On a side note, CNN reports that Craig has resigned his position as the co-Senate liaison for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. Furthermore, the campaign has pulled a video from it's YouTube site in which Craig praises Romney for his "strong family values."

However, the video has been reposted by other users, and you can view it below.

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