Thursday, August 9, 2007

America's Team: The All-Presidential Shooting Guard

Yesterday, SAM debuted a new segment: Compiling the greatest basketball team out of our 43 Presidents. We did point guard yesterday, so today it's on to two guard (or shooting guard).

Yesterday we cast George Washington as our point guard, largely because the general's selflessness would allow him to distribute the ball and make the team better.

But at the end of the day, you gotta put the ball in the basket. So our two- guard has got to do some scoring for us.

That's why we're going with (who else?) JFK.

There have been many presidents with solid (ah-hem) scoring ability, but Kennedy was the MJ of Presidential scoring. The rumors about his prowess are legendary (from Marilyn Monroe and beyond).

Also, remember, although Kennedy was plagued by health problems later in life, did letter in football in college.

Kennedy's stats:
35th President (1961- 1963)
School: Harvard
Height: 6'

So here's where we stand with America's Team:

Point Guard: George Washington
Shooting Guard: John Kennedy

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