Saturday, August 11, 2007

America's Team: The All-Presidential Power Forward

Here we go, time to pick the Power Forward of our all- presidential team. But first, let's do a recap of our team so far:

Point Guard: George Washington. The Father of Our Country, we picked America's first general as our floor general, because of his selflessness and impressive stature.

Shooting Guard: JFK. He takes the two guard spot because the man could flat out score... and he wasn't a bad athlete, either.

Small Forward: Teddy Roosevelt. He wasn't the biggest, but he had the energy and will to be a force.

That brings us to the Power Forward spot... which requires two things: size and the power to intimidate, a la Larry Bird. He's got to grab rebounds, score the ball, and usually lock down the opposition's big man on D.

So we're going with the one and only LBJ- Lyndon Johnson.

LBJ's Stats:

36th President (1963-1969)
Height: 6' 4"
School: Texas State University-San Marcos
Party: Democrat

Johnson was known as the "Master of the Senate" because he basically ran that body as his personal club. He used his imposing presence to physically intimidate other members. He could often be seen bringing a Congressman to a corner, towering over him and peering down in an effort to secure his vote. And it usually worked. Johnson was a Type- A personality if there ever was one ("I don't get ulcers, I give them!"). As a pol he used his size and power to get the job done, we'll bet he'd do it on the court, too.


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