Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gone-zales

Earlier today, embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned his office. Gonzales had been the focus of Senate inquiries for his decision to fire 9 US attorneys for seemingly improper political reasons, and his involvement in a domestic surveillance program. Several inconsistencies between his testimony and that of his former aides led to resignation calls over the last few months.

Last month, Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D- VT) told the Attorney General "I don't trust you," because his version of events was so different from previous testimony. Sen. Charles Schumer (D- NY) has been calling for his resignation.

According to the NY Times, Gonzales finally folded his cards after offering President Bush his resignation on Friday. The President refused, but said the two should chat face-to-face. Gonzales and his wife flew down to Crawford, where the President was presumably clearing some brush, and the two men had dinner.

By the meal's end, Bush, reluctantly, accepted Gonzales' fate.

Although the released statement gives no reason for the resignation, the justice department has been at a stand-still the past few months because of all the testimony and controversy. In the end, it just proved to be too much.

So now John Aschroft, Colin Powell, Scott McClellan, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, and Alberto Gonzales have all left this administration. And now, it looks like it's down to Dick Cheney and Condi Rice to see who wins the $1,000,000 prize on this season of Survivor: The White House!

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byrd said...

it seems that gonzales has fallen ill to the recent epidemic of people in Washington who are demanding that they "spend more time with their families."