Monday, October 8, 2007

And Now I'm Putting it Behind Me...

As pretty much everyone knows, last week the Mets collapsed in historic fashion and missed the playoffs, despite being in first place for almost the entire 162-game season. As not everyone knows, this weekend I went to Chicago and watched the Cubs season end on a losing note for 99th consecutive year. I am a huge Mets fan, and our loss crippled me and my fellow believers.

But now I'm ready to move on.

To that end, Time Magazine has an article entitled "Mental Help for Mets Fans." It's about how to cope with the biggest meltdown in the history of baseball. It's written by Sean Gregory, a lifelong Mets fan, and isn't patronizing. Dr. Richard Lustberg, a psychologist and also a big Mets fan, says "Baseball is being taken away from you. It's difficult to handle, especially when watching Mets games have become part of your routine. There's some reality to it. It's like you've suddenly had an aneurysm.

"I was driving to work today, and I go, 'Aw, s__, the Mets aren't on tonight," says Lustberg. "What am I going to do? I'm annoyed with the team. There has to be a period of withdrawal, and I know it's going to take a little while."

So, this is a good read for fans of the Mets, Cubs, or other choking teams. As this indicates, sometimes fans need a lesson in acceptance.

Also, this SNL skit is pretty good, and puts a fine point on the emotions that accompany that shocking loss.

However, I think most of Mets-nation found comfort in the ugly 3- game sweep suffered by the Phillies (who were the beneficiaries of the Mets' downfall)... and you have to look at the bright side-- at least my second favorite team, "Whoever plays the Yankees," is still going strong.

Go Tribe.


MiCk said...

No second-rate SNL cast can ever bring back the part of me that died when the Mets collapsed.

byrd said...

you forgot to mention the fact that every part of the mets management should be fired. and, all the players should be traded away. and the fact that this group of no good losers would be better off in jobs where you do not have to show any self-respect, pride or heart.

Douglas E. Flynn said...

Well I just finished watching the yankees season collapse. Special Thanks to Wang for two great outings and Jeter for grounding into 4 double plays in 2 games and A-Rod's, I don't know, ten strike-outs in the last three games. On a brighter note Kyle Farnsworth-less got through his first inning this year with-out giving up a run. Nice work Kyle.