Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Greatest Political Achievement Since Détente

I haven't lived in New York City since I was a small child, I'm a proud product of the suburbs. But I still spend a lot of time there, and like to think I know my way around pretty well. But every time I get out of the subway I feel like a hayseed who just fell off the back of a potato truck. Sense of direction, to put it mildly, just isn't my thing. So it never fails, off the subway I walk in the wrong direction almost every time. Once I get close enough to see the sign on the next street corner (which takes a while because my eyesight's terrible) I have to do the embarrassing, a cardinal sin in New York City: turn around and walk in the opposite direction.

Well, turns out, I'm not alone. The New York Times reports that city officials have arranged to place decals outside of popular stops to serve as compasses. 9th ave. is to the left, Madison is straight ahead, etc.

Awesome idea, but it's kind of like when Tic Tac came out flavors with to go along with Green Mint, White Mint and Orange-- what took so long?!

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