Friday, October 5, 2007

Immigration: A Notre Dame Forum

On Monday October 8th 2007, Notre Dame will again host a policy forum addressing one of the most important issues for the future of our country. Immigration has received a lot of attention as a complex issue to which there are many perspectives. I invite all the bloggers and readers to check out, the forum's website as it has a host of resources such as academic articles, faith based dialogue, and short online courses for all your immigration questions.

There has been some disucssion of immigration on this blog in the last few weeks and my hope is that this forum might invite some of you to consider the issues and engage the issue of immigration in a way you may not have before.

The forum will have some of the most prominent voices in this debate including Cardinal Michael Mahony, Archibishop of Los Angeles, Louis J. Barletta, Mayor of Hazleton Pennsylvania (to address the issue brought up in this blog last week about migrants' impact on small towns), Mel Martinez, R-Senator of Florida, and Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona.
I invite all of you who are interested in the immigration issue to go through the website this weekend and if you find it interesting join us on Monday Oct. 8 at 3pm est as the entire forum including all the speakers will webcast via the website. I appreciate SAM MAG allowing me to let you all know about the forum and look forward to hopefully sparking an inquisitive and lively deabte.

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