Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Much More Can You Take?

Forest fires in the west have been increasing steadily over the last 17 years and while these fires are increasing in size and intensity we learned today that money that is supposed to be used for prevention of these fires has been used by the fire fighters who are fighting the current fires that rage. That’s like the guy who uses his Master Card to pay his American Express bill.

Lets put the pieces together.
We don’t have money to prevent the fires in California. We don’t have the money to secure the bridges in Minnesota. We don’t have the money to re-enforce the Levees in Louisiana. We don’t have the money for health insurance for every child in this country. But wait…. what do we have money for is….. Nation building…. The Iraq War is costing us an estimated 2.4 trillion dollars, while at home our nation is crumbling. It's Simple.

If I have to hear George W. Bush talk about fiscal responsibility one more time I’m going to puke.

How much more can you take? Throw your fist up.

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