Monday, October 29, 2007

Let the campaign begin...

Barack Obama has announced that the gloves are off, and he's going to take on Hillary Clinton directly and forcefully. To that end, the campaign has posted his speech on Social Security reform on its YouTube site. Notice, more specifically, that Obama is introduced by a "regular person"-- an Iowa school teacher who stumbles over his words in a humble and honest way. You can tell he wrote the introduction himself, probably with a pen and notebook. It's a nice touch.

As for the speech itself, I like it. It's very direct and honest. And, he refers to Clinton as "ducking the issue" and following "conventional Washington thinking." He calls for a renewed sense of purpose and "shared responsibility."

//More from Iowa\\

NBC reports that Mitt Romney's lead in Iowa has expanded to a commanding 36.2% to 13.1% over Rudy Giuliani. Mike Huckabee is on Giuliani’s heels at 12.8% and Thompson is fourth with 11.4.%. Romney was at 27.8% in August; Huckabee was at just 1.8%. McCain stands at just 6%. Nearly 15% of Republican voters say they are undecided.

Romney was the only Republican candidate polling better with women than men, he's dominating with females (must be the hair). In fact, most Iowa Republican men are supporting Giuliani or Huckabee, but overall the race doesn't appear to even be close.

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