Friday, October 19, 2007

Gone 'til November...

Notre Dame is heading for fall break, and I made the questionable call of skipping the USC game (my old school) to head home early. What does this mean for SAM? I'll be posting whever I can... but probably not as much for the next 2 weeks. I'll be traveling in New York and to Washington, so I won't have net access too much.

That means that I'm pleading with my fellow SAMs to please please keep posting, maybe even post more than usual. I'm looking in your direction Goose, John Kennedy, CPColeta, AEP, ptb, Douglas Flynn, stevekrik, and anyone else who wants to write for this site. Do me this solid and be active posters for the next couple of weeks.

I actually won't be back to ND until November 1st... so try to help me out.

As Wyclef once said:

Evertime I make a run
Girl you turn around and cry
I ask myself: Why oh why?
You see you must understand
I can't work a 9-5
So I'll be gone
'til November


C. P. Coleta said...

I'm willing to bet $100 that at the moment of reading this comment, Wyclef is the only Haitian you can think of NOW!

Stevekrik said...

Dude, Weclef didnt say that, that was Rick Springfield...