Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Funny Thing about Fred Thompson

Is that he often doesn't know what he's talking about.

So far on his campaign trail, Thompson pleaded ignorance to, or misspoke on the following issues:

- Terry Schiavo

- Oil Drilling in the Everglades

- Lethal injection being ruled unconstitutional in his home state of Tennessee

- Whether Democrats or Republicans controlled Congress during Chief Justice John Roberts' confirmation hearings.

And these are pretty bad mistakes. When you're doing an event in Florida, know about the debate over the Everglades, if you're from Tennessee, know about major court cases there.

The Roberts thing, which just happened, was also pretty disturbing. Thompson was bragging about how he guided Roberts to confirmation, at the request of the president.

“The president called me up and asked me to help shepherd Judge Roberts’ nomination through the Senate confirmation process. I was honored that I got that call. I was honored that he thought I had enough friends on the Democratic side that they wouldn't run me out of town!... Even though the other party controlled the Judiciary committee, we got some votes there."

Except, Republicans were in charge at that point. So either he's lying to beef up his bipartisan credentials, or he's confused about something pretty basic.

Sorry, Senator Thompson, but the American people would never elect a man with such a loose grasp of current events.

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C. P. Coleta said...

Interesting. A little over a month ago, it seemed St. Fred could be the GOP savior. Now, he seems to be hacking it for all the wrong reasons. He has to be the best illustration of why they can't raise as much as the Dems. With heavy hitters like The Hill, Barak, and Biden, it's easy to get excited. I truly feel sorry for the Grand Ol' Party.