Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Big Moment from Gen. Petraeus' testimony

Republican John Warner has been a great Senator for a long time, but he's retiring. On his way out he asked General Petraeus a profound question:

"Is [the Iraq War] making America safer?"

Watch the General's answer, and check out my take in the comments section

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Chris Meehan said...

i'm going to comment on my own post (a blogging sin)...

i think Democrats have to be careful here: most of the American people seem to agree that the war was started under a false pretense (WMD) and was probably a strategic mistake. that the Administration's top man in Iraq cannot say (even weakly) that it was a good idea strengthens the thought.

however, Democrats be wary: whether or not we should have gone to Iraq 4 1/2 years ago is not the point of these hearings... the point is what to do about American forces now. Bring them back today, begin a steady withdrawal, "they stand up, we stand down" are all options. But I don't think that deciding the war hasn't made our country safer means all our soldiers should be brought home ASAP, and I hope Democrats make that distinction clear when spinning the General's answer.