Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Obama has as many donors as entire Republican field

The title of this post is pretty self- explanatory. The Politico has an article on how Obama's strategy of getting many (many, many, many) small donors has re-written the fundraising game, similar to how Howard Dean (through Joe Trippi) used the internet to re-write fundraising rules four years ago.

The result is Obama boasting 75,000 new donors who pledged small amounts in the last four months alone. That's huge. That's more than the entire Republican field put together.

Obama still can't pierce Clinton's lead, just like Dean ultimately fell despite his netroots support, but this is an important, and I think ultimately good, shift.

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C. P. Coleta said...

The key, however, is piercing that lead. It's good for any future campaign of his and other grassroots candidates, but what of his overall strategy? Homegirl has weathered the little scandal of fundraising and is, I think, actually scaring Republicans into making the mistake of nominating Rudy.