Thursday, September 6, 2007

In other news, Pigs were spotted flying over Baltimore, and Hell is reportedly a chilly 28 degrees (Quote of the Day: 9/6)

"... I'm not crazy about presidential candidates announcing their candidacy on these late-night shows, Leno or Letterman. I know why they're doing it... The one thing about it that bothers me -- and I'm not rooted in fuddy-duddiness here, although it may sound like it to some of you but -- is I think the office of the presidency has a certain stature, and I don't like to see it linked or tied to pop culture. Pop culture is by definition one of the low common denominators of our society.... You know damn well that presidents don't go on The Tonight Show. So why should they as candidates? When you link the stature of that office to the pop culture, I don't think the damage is instantaneous, but it's just a slow erosion of the stature of the office. It's just my instinct here. It could be anybody. This is not directed at Fred Thompson."

- Rush Limbaugh

Wait a tick, do I agree with Rush Limbaugh?

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Kris said...

When the 24-hour news networks give updates every 10 minutes on pop culture breaking news (i.e. Anna Nicole) it lowers the comparative invalidity of entertainment variety shows, like the Tonight Show. And then when a show like the Daily Show actually kinda sorta reports on important events, it doesn't put them far behind some of the serious guys. I even heard that the Daily Show was at one time picked up by CNN World, and broadcast in the UK, among other places.