Friday, September 21, 2007

According to a Pew Research Center report this week, 54% of Americans want the troops brought home as soon as possible. The Democrats, meanwhile, can't pass cloture motions on any of their proposed anti-war bills. Thank goodness that the Senate was able to find the time in their busy schedule to condemn the ad calling General Petraeus, "General Betray Us". Is this really the best use of our Congressional resources? The health care system is in shambles, the public education system in this country is failing, the Canadian dollar is now on par with the U.S. dollar, yet the most pressing issue in the Senate is to figure out whether or not they agree with a newspaper ad? I think Obama, who chose not to vote, said it best

"The focus of the United States Senate should be on ending this war, not on criticizing newspaper advertisements. This amendment was a stunt designed only to score cheap political points while what we should be doing is focusing on the deadly serious challenge we face in Iraq. It's precisely this kind of political game-playing that makes most Americans cynical about Washington's ability to solve America's problems. By not casting a vote, I registered my protest against this empty politics. I registered my views on the ad itself the day it appeared."
Less meaningless polarizing votes, more progress on the issues pressing this nation.

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"If ya smellllllllllllllllllll what Ba- Rack is COOKING!"