Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Buchanan's Paradise Losing

Former presidential candidate, adviser and speechwriter, and Republican strategist Patrick J. Buchanan (The Great!) has pin-pointed a crises facing America and the West at large (excluding Latin America, of course). It seems that the total number of whites in America and Europe, Anglos to be more specific, are not rising as fast as that of browns, light-browns and cafe-con-leches. This, of course, spells a disaster for Western culture because is signals a demise of institutions great men like Johns Winthrop and Smith helped establish, and greater men like James' Madison and Monroe helped sustain, because, quite naturally, the off-whites and darker folks can't possibly have the intelligence, fortitude nor vision to keep our classically liberal government progressing forward.

They - excuse me - We are not naturally of Europe, thus, we are not white, which makes sense. And since most people "of color" born in the West today are born into entrenched representative governments, it's clear as day that we would have no idea, nor incentive, to promote open markets, the Bill of Rights, and all other entities that help keep us living free, unmolested lives.

Here's a question for the former GOP heavyweight: Would an ethnic cleansing do the trick? Since white families aren't having kids at the rate other ethno-racial groups are, the real trick is to get some sort of government program that will; A) halt the births, and; B) start the population-regression program. I mean, the governments of the U.S. already have a pretty successful policy with respect to young, Black men. Why not shift this policy to young, Black women, then to the larger, looming issue, HISPANICS!

The problem with ol' Patty is that he sees a racial problem, which naturally calls for a racial solution. He doesn't see that America, indeed democracies, are an experiment that constantly bring its citizenry into new realms, and the true test of its success and failures are seen in how the citizenry react to those tests. America began with slavery and is currently trying to deal with alternative families, while England has shown it can live with a monarchy. When the strength of a nation is presupposed on its racial, religious, or any other superficial makeup, then the Rwandas of the world become all the more prominent.

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Stevekrik said...

Hey CPC, the pic looks like your boy Bill O'Reilly in 10 years...