Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's a hint...

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton was endorsed for president by Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN). Bayh, a moderate Democrat who flirted with running himself, and has a whole Kevin Kline in Dave thing going on, said, "Hillary Clinton is a seasoned, experienced leader who will be ready to lead this country on Day One."

I think Hillary's getting the nomination, and I don't think she's picking Obama as her running mate. She's just too savvy politically to take that big a chance. She'll go the safe route and tab someone like Bayh- a white man from a Republican leaning state. That will show her commitment to being president of "all of America." Of Bayh's endorsement Hillary said: "[this] underscores my commitment for running a national campaign."

As a senator, though, Bayh is not necessarily the ideal candidate. Governors' executive experience, lack of voting record and Washington- outsider status make them more attractive for a national ticket. So team- Clinton probably has a white, male, Southern/ Midwestern governor in mind for the spot.

Someone like Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe might be a good choice, well, on second thought, maybe not the ARKANSAS governor, but you get the idea...

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