Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dems Dominate

Sites and newspapers are agog over the disparate fundraising numbers of Republican presidential candidates and their Democratic counterparts. Here's a run down:

Obama $31M
Hill $21M
Edwards $9M

Gules $15M
Mitt $14M
The Candidate formerly known as John McCain $10M

Those were how the numbers shook out until the Camp Mitt got some great news. Out of nowhere it got a HUGE donation of $6.5M to its campaign. The source? A certain super-wealthy, Mormon, former governor, who shares his name with a piece sports equipment... yup, Cleats Cuomo. No wait, that would be Mitt Romney himself. What a generous guy.

So why are the Dems dominating the fundraising race?

It seems the Conservatives haven't really fallen in love with any of their candidates. The Dems are flawed, for sure, but their base is so jacked up for this election, they seem willing to look past it. 6 years of the Bush presidency will do that to you.

Beyond that, though, you have to just give it up to Hillary and Barry... they've got to be two of the best fundraisers in modern political history. You put two candidates with that kind of talent in this charged atmosphere, and all records are going to fall.

That's not to take anything away from the guys on the other side. Guiliani is talented, and moves people to act (and give) because his association with 9/11. Mitt looks like the real deal. And McCain, well, it seems like he's just trying to stay in the game long enough to save face.

Check out the NY Times Article for details:

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Brooke-Lynn said...

Great Blog Chris. One question- Who's Barry???