Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quote of the Day... and Palma de' Mallorca

"A danger for our Administration is in its competence we seem harsh, in our strength we seem tough, in our pragmatism we seem goalless and idealless."

- Donald H. Rumsfeld, aide to President Richard Nixon in a memo on June 16, 1972. The future Defense Secretary contrasted his view of the Nixon administration with their opponent in the upcoming election...

"McGovern is weak and would be a disastrous President. But his warmth, concern, decency are appealing because people dream, hope, aspire, and want to be better than themselves, want better for their children, and because they have fears."

... on a happier note, I am off to the Spanish island of Palma de' Mallorca tomorrow (check out that picture). I'll be gone until Sunday night, so there will be no posts from me. There will be posts, I hope, from some of my new recruits. New voices from all over the political spectrum. So enjoy!

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