Monday, July 9, 2007

The Honorable Judge Harry Stone presiding...

The famous (or infamous) liberal blog has a good run down of a conflict brewing between the Democratic Congress and the Bush administration. It seems Bush has used executive privilege to prevent AG Alberto Gonzalez and Karl Rove's former aide from testifying in the US Attorney scandal.

The highlight of this article is the explanation of when executive privilege is appropriate. In this context it seems that it would only preclude communications made directly to the president during his decision- making process. However, the White House has denied President Bush was at all involved in the decision to fire 9 US Attorneys, for what may have been inappropriate political reasons.

There have been statements flying back and forth all day from studs like White House Counsel Fred Fielding, pictured above. Mr. Fielding is not to be confused with prosecutor Dan Fielding of 80s sit-com Night Court, who was played by Emmy winner John Larroquette. In an odd twist, Mr. Larroquette would later guest star on the West Wing as.... wait for it.... White House counsel.

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