Monday, July 9, 2007

Link to a good article

Here's a solid article by Chuck Todd, NBC's chief political correspondent, on what's changed (and what hasn't) over the first 6 months of the presidential race.

Some highlights:

- Mitt Romney leading the GOP candidates in: Money spent, campaign organization, NH and Iowa polls

- John McCain "no longer controls his own destiny, and needs all 3 of his rivals to implode"

- Some Republicans set their social concerns aside because the offense- minded Guiliani is their "general" in the ongoing war against radical Islam.

- Clinton vs. Obama shaping up as contest of realism vs. idealism... seems to be an old storyline on both sides of the political aisle. Sometimes idealism nominations work (Reagan '80) and others they fail miserably (Goldwater '64).

- John Edwards' "window is closing fast"

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JSas said...

As a highly ideological conservative Republican, I'd say that Goldwater's candidacy was a failure in '64, and a great success for the future. It may be the party of Regan, but the architect is Goldwater.