Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Marine Challenges Bush and Congress

Last night ABC ran a story called "Inside the Surge". ABC only ran a small portion of this story first shown in England. A British Journalist followed American Marines for two weeks during the surge. This here is the entire video. It is graphic.

How can anyone who forces these brave men to do 15 months in combat and refuse to pass a Bill that would guarantee equal time off to time served still claim to "support the Troops". Senators, such as Lindsay Graham, even go as far as to accuse others, who want to bring these men home, of not supporting the troops. "We have people in Congress with the brain of a two year old and don't know what there doing. They don't experience it. I challenge the President to come and ride along with me-- I'll do another 15 months. They don't even have to pay me", said a Marine from the footage. This feeling is not an exception. According to a the Military Times poll, before the surge only 1/3 of U.S. Soldiers approved of Bush's Handling of the war. Of course the media will never reference this poll and will let conservative politicians put politics in the mouths of soldiers without ever questioning it.

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