Saturday, July 28, 2007


Yet again Congress has approved subsidies for crops that are receiving record high prices from the market. It seems to me that this infringement upon the invisible hand of the free market should be stopped immediately. If the industrial farmers of America's heartland were starving and barely making a living I could understand subsidizing their products given that food production is necessary for the health of a nation. Since that is not nearly the case and this bill is clearly vote buying in a number of important Midwest states (Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri), I would like everyone who reads this blog to condemn these unwarranted and unfair farm subsidies.

I should note that the Republicans came out against this legislation, but for all the wrong reasons. They were all for the continued farm subsidies but did not like the fact that the food stamp program was expanded as a result of this bill.

The fact that both parties can agree on wasteful farm subsidies is an embarrassment to the leaders of our country who often proclaim the greatness of free markets and free enterprise.

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Anonymous said...

What percentage of farms are now owned by huge corporations, anyway? aren't families who could benefit from these subsidies a thing of the past?

Goose said...

Not to mention that corn subsidies can be blammed for many of the "hot button" issues in this upcoming election. Subsidizing corn in a country that already produces too much of it kills countries like Mexico who used to grow it as a national export, until NAFTA that is. You wonder why so many people are migrating here? Maybe one of the reasons is because the economy they always knew makes them no money, while midwesterners (or midwest agribusiness) who are growing the same product are paid to do it? Free market? The idea of a free market when it come to corn is a joke.

Health Care is an issue. Why are Americans more overweight than people in other countries. Many reasons, but one is definitely that we put High Fructose Corn Syrup in everything, just because we have so much corn. Worse than sugar, especially in the quantities most Americans consume it.

I agree Byrd, shame on the politicians, but really with this primary system and the Iowa caucus, i dont see it changing anytime soon.