Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Young Voters, Blacks Turnout for No One

In last night's Democratic primary, voters 18-29 and African Americans both voted "uncommitted" (for no one, essentially) in greater numbers than they picked Hillary Clinton, who won the primary.

"No One really speaks to me," Jen Garnet, a 23 year employee at GM, went on, "Let's be honest, when it comes to young voters- No One cares."

Her sentiments were echoed in the African- American community as well.

Lamar Anderson, a professor of Black studies at Wayne State said: "As much as I loved the Clinton years, I would rather see No One in the Oval Office than Hillary. If we had No One leading the country, we could get it back on track.

"The bottom line is, when you look at American politics today, No One pays attention to the plight of African Americans."

When asked to comment about his strong second place finish, No One was confident:

"We just took our message of change out there to the voters and they responded. I mean, hypothetically, is there any doubt I could beat President Bush tomorrow? And if you want know the kind of job I'll do for the next four years just ask yourself: Couldn't I have done a better job over the last eight?"

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