Monday, January 7, 2008

Land of Milk & Honey & Potatoes

A few years back, a group called Christian Exodus hatched a genius plan: Move thousands of their followers to Anderson, South Carolina to infiltrate local and state politics to get their "traditional Christian" agenda passed. That agenda would presumably include positions on intelligent design theory in the classroom, and eventually anti- gay marriage and pro- life laws passed in the community and ultimately the state.

Well something funny happened on the way to Eden.

Despite the "similar" values of the South Carolina town and tons of attention from the national media, only 24 families signed up to take back Anderson for Christ. So, Christian Exodus has decided to "expand" their efforts to Gem County, Idaho. It's all detailed here.

So, my point is that I'll be moving to Idaho in a few weeks. Anyone interested in joining me, please email me at

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Anonymous said...

The Christian Exodus is an association of Christians who no longer wish to live under the usurpation of powers by the federal government. The group believes that peaceful withdrawal from the union is the last available remedy to escape the tyranny of the current federal government. Because South Carolinians (and Idahoans) have such a rich history of standing up for their rights, the chosen locations for emigration are natural places of refuge.

Christian Exodus recognizes that evil laws and court rulings have become the norm in the U.S. Moreover, the U.S. government is inherently evil. Nothing is clearer than the fact that something must be done!

The organization thereby will return to Jesus's laws with South Carolina and Idaho as the first states. Christian Exodus is not naive in its approach--it recognizes that Jesus's claim that He is the only way to salvation will certainly divide people (See Matthew 10:34). For Christian Exodus, the Holy Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God, existing as His perfect revelation of absolute truth in all matters in the original manuscripts penned by the biblical authors under the superintending guidance of the Holy Spirit. The new communities will exist according to the Bible's laws and will thereby bring light and increased faith to its members.

Christian Exodus believes in Christianity alone, and not the world's pluralistic agnostic humanism. The group stresses that the presence of the range of God-inspired American values and a burning resolve that our future generations live free and attain salvation are the only necessary elements of successful withdrawal.
As the Exodus members would say, the hour, unmistakably, is late. Will you join us?