Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Republicans Spar over Race

Issues of race have dogged the presidential primaries for the past couple of weeks. The Clintons traded barbs with the Obama camp on the civil rights movement, and who represents real change.

Recently, Republicans have gotten into the act with Mitt Romney using veiled attacks at competitors for not being "white enough."

At a recent campaign stop in Charleston, SC, Romney went on the offensive and aggressively sought the white vote.

"Republicans have a lot to choose from in this election, we have a chance to make a statement about our party, and move this country forward.

Everyone wants change! We all know that, but what kind of change do we want? Everyone wants a white man to be president, but what kind of white man do we want?

Do we want an old white man? Been there. Do we want a freaky religious white man? Done that. Do we want an old white man, with a possibly racist past that wants to abolish the federal government? Done it again.

I submit that America try something new- a really, really rich white man. I think that, as a people, we are ready for this."

Campaign spokesman Mark DeMoss later elaborated on Romney's questionable comments:

"It's true that we have had rich white men serve this great nation as president. We have one now. However, the Governor best represents the kind of change the Republican party yearns for. Remember, not only is he rich, and white, and male, but he also has great hair. We've never had such a head of hair in the White House, and America is eager to see that kind of change. And it's clear that 2008 really is the year of change for the Republican party!"

Follow-up calls to Romney's office and stylist were not returned for comment.

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Anonymous said...

He's rich, but not thaat rich. Mr. and Mrs. Romney only have a net worth between 190 and 250 million U.S. dollars. Certainly, we can do better than that.