Friday, March 7, 2008

What? Him Worry?

During a press conference earlier this week, our president was asked about forecasts of $4/gallon gasoline. Oil is at $106/ barrel (it was $26 when he took office) and the national avg. for gas is $3.16/ gallon (it was $1.30 when he took office) and those prices are rising. Meanwhile, the dollar continues to fall to record lows, and wages are not keeping up with the inflated prices of energy or food.

So what would the president tell stuggling Americans, faced with the prospect of gas that's gone up three- fold since he took office? "That's interesting, I hadn't heard that." It's unreal.

There's no good video of his response up on YouTube yet, so you'll have to check it out for yourself here. When you watch, notice how the president acts so flippant through these press conferences, joking and poking fun at reporters. Then, when the reporter asks a serious question, the president thinks he's misinformed or exaggerating, and gets sarcastic, before changing tone when he realizes that he's in the wrong and sounding insensitive.

Below is a video of some astute commentary on MSNBC.

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