Sunday, March 16, 2008

SNL: Using Politics to Regain Legitimacy

Not sure if you've seen, but FOX and NBC/ Universal have put up all their television shows and movies on the site, assuring I will miss the Dean's list semester.

Recently, Saturday Night Live raised eyebrows when host Tina Fey endorsed Hillary Clinton, and poked fun at the media's love affair with Barack Obama. What followed was tougher media coverage of the Illinois Senator, and Clinton victories in Ohio and Texas.

Well, perhaps to even things out, SNL had another former cast member, Fey's 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan on the show this week to talk about Obama.

The show also had a moderately funny sketch about Eliot Spitzer's fall from grace, and showed him going from public interest crusader to governor (back?) to sleezebag attorney.

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