Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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If you're looking to waste time this summer (and who isn't, really?) Electoral-vote.com is the website to keep you up to the second with all the 2008 races.

Updated daily, it gives a state-by-state breakdown of the latest poll in every state, and classifies them as Strong Democratic/ Republican, Weak D/R, Barely D/R, and tied. It also gives a tracking poll of each state, and polls the Senate and House races.

As of June 9, Electoral-vote has Obama with 287, McCain with 227 and 24 electoral votes (IN and VA) as even. And the Senate projects to go 58- 42, Dems.

Another website, Presidentelect.org does something similar, but not quite as well. They have Obama ahead 284- 254. They're a great resource because they detail the electoral college outcome of every presidential election ever.

Check 'em out...

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