Wednesday, August 27, 2008

James Taylor Brings the Pain!

We at SAM implored Sen. Obama to get tough and on offense against the McCain campaign. It appears he is ready to do just that with this ad:

Is that the first time someone's referred to using a James Taylor song as "getting tough?" Probably...


Corey said...

That's actually a Sam Cooke song, "What A Wonderful World". Art Garfunkel released a version as a single in 1978 with James Taylor and Paul Simon, which might be what you're thinking of.

This version, with the altered lyrics, isn't by James Taylor, although no doubt they hired someone that would be reminiscent of him.

This ad reminds me of a photo series on Flickr:

Chris Meehan said...

my bad... thanks corey

but I'm sorry that guy's voice sounds EXACTLY like James Taylor's