Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baldwin vows to Leave, I vow to Pack

Between Laura Ingram and Steven Baldwin, I don't know who is worse in this clip. Ingram is disingenuous, transparent and just plain nauseating. She relies on the tired old act of aligning the Democrat, this one in particular, with his celebrity- supporters, to paint him as elitist or not for "regular folks." I wonder if the good folks who watched this at home on Fox News would feel more closely aligned with the economic royalists that shell out cash for Republicans.

The worst is when she runs down the guest list and adds, "Man, I wish I could have gone." But she can't, you see, because she's just a regular gal, with a syndicated radio show who gets $30 grand a speech.

As for Baldwin, he's just a fool for walking into such an easy joke with his "I'll leave the country if Obama wins" line. OK, Baldwin, I'll bite: America should gladly sacrifice an Obama presidency to keep alive the hope of a possible sequel to Biodome... McCain '08!

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Stevekrik said...

I love it how she poses the question, "Why should we care what people like George Clooney or Sheryl Crow think about this election?"

Let's consult our Fox News senior political correspondent.. C-List actor STEPHEN BALDWIN!

If he does leave the country, we may forfeit the sequel to Biodome (so much irony there considering the message is about saving the environment... and this is a conversative republican news station)but at least we'll have a sequel to Fled...

"Fled 2: Get The Fuck Out And Stay Out"