Saturday, November 3, 2007

What it's All About

A site called provides an excellent quiz to match you up with your ideal presidential candidate... this is awesome, so please check it out.

Actually, I conducted this exact study with my 8th grade social studies class to tell them whether their beliefs were more in line with Republicans or Democrats (I guess we should have known back then). First, you gauge how important the top issues of this election are for you. Then, you give your stance.

It's quick and painless, and by the end you know which candidate fits your beliefs best.

I was surprised by my results... but let's just say that by a score of 88% I ought to enjoy expensive haircuts, silk suits and massive punitive damages in tort claims.


Douglas E. Flynn said...

are you getting paid by the edwards campaign?

CM- the other one said...

Now I HAVE to vote for my man from Ohio!