Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Special Election

Recently, Democrats captured two staunchly conservative Congressional districts in special elections. One was the Louisiana 6th, which Republicans controlled for over 30 years. The other (Speaker Hassert's old seat in Illinois) was held by Republicans for 76 years, save one 2- year term after Watergate.

Now, chalk up another one.

Last night, Democrats won Mississippi's first Congressional district, which President Bush carried with 62% in 2004. A Democratic Congressional candidate hadn't broken 35% in more than 15 years. Congressman- elect Travis Childers (D- MS*) narrowly defeated Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis.

The writing is on the wall- 2008 could be a re-aligning election. Democrats can win in places they haven't since LBJ, if they continue to focus on middle class issues (more on this later) and run with the change theme.

However, with such potential comes immense expectations from loyalists and donors. That pressure falls on Democratic leaders like Howard Dean, Rahm Emmanuel, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and (of course, most of all) Barack Obama.

*- How weird does that look? It's like something out of 1954...

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