Saturday, May 31, 2008

Plea to Olbermann

Not long ago, I posted some criticism of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. I used to love Olbermann, but he jumped the shark when he got all self- important and self- promoting, and has been reduced to something of a hack with his outright campaigning for Barack Obama during his show Countdown and on campaign coverage.

Well, it seems I have an ally in Time's James Poniewozik. After Olbermann's latest over-the-top "special comment," in which he ripped Hillary Clinton's comments that alluded to the RFK assassination.

As the Huffington Post quoted:

"Even if we concede his argument--that Clinton was at best callously and at worst intentionally suggesting she should stay in the race because Obama might be killed--every time he turns up the volume to 11 like this lately, he sounds like just another of the cable gasbags he used to be a corrective to."

(Maybe Keith is down because, as Gawker reports, he's having some tax return problems.)

So this is a plea for Keith to come back to me, to all of us. Poniewozik writes that Olbermann can teach viewers like me a valuable lesson:
"... maybe the experience of being annoyed by someone you used to constantly agree with could teach political audiences something about how they have appeared all along to their adversaries... is it really they who've changed? Or are they simply less charming when they're not confirming your comfortable beliefs?"
I don't know or care. Keith needs to regain just a little credibility, maybe tone it down a little bit, even against the Bush administration. Obama's great-- we get it, Clinton's conniving-- I know. But it's gotten tired. And we sorely miss his astute, inspired and not-so obvious commentary.

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