Monday, December 17, 2007

Old Hawk Comes Home to Roost

In November of 2006, the Democrats enjoyed an immense, historical victory, except in one of the bluest states in the union: Connecticut. And now, according to USA Today, the winner of the '06 Senate race from the Constitution State, Joe Lieberman is endorsing a candidate in the Presidential primaries, and it's not a Democrat. Mr. Lieberman is throwing his independent muscle behind the stalwart, southwest senator, John McCain (R-AZ). As lacking in pizazz as this story may be, it highlights a fundamental flaw with national Democrats, and that is their inability to remain steadfast in their conviction while facing the oncoming storm of opposition.

Lieberman was basically betrayed throughout 2006, with several major Democrats supporting his primary rival, Ned Lamond ('nough said), over the former 2000 Veep candidate. The traitors included Chris Dodd (who also betrayed Imus), his fellow CT senator, The Clintons (including The Hill), John Edwards and much of the CT congressional Democrats. All hoped Lieberman and his war-supporting self would take his principles and proverbially shove it. All believed his moderate opinions would have no room in the impending new majority. All hoped he would lose.

My, my, has the hawk come home to roost. It's purely understandable to intellectually disagree with Mr. Lieberman, and vote against him. It's cowardice to use one's political wisdom to sense the changing winds, and shift course to destroy a man's career. And now, the man isn't just a Democratic winner, he's an Independent Democratic winner. And the victor just sent the most unmistakable F-U to the Democrats - again! (The first time was telling Lamond and the whole party to think twice before messing with a holy man, declaring himself an independent, and doing to his opponent what Mayweather did to PTB's boy, Hatton - deliver a textbook beat down.)

Mr. Liberman's support of the equally venerable Mr. McCain showcases important qualities the electorate should find from such candidates: integrity and fortitude. The measure of a man is not only in his deeds through difficult times, but the stance he takes when his friends endure similarly. John McCain, probably the fittest man in every respect to be President dating back to 2000, is not doing tremendously well in the polls. He's climbing, but it's still a long way from where he was one year ago today. Still, Joe Lieberman stands beside him, unabashed and unashamed, because of the values they share, and the arduous roads they've been able to smooth together. Now that, ladies and gentleman, is class in an age of adulterated crass.

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