Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mission Accomplished: Victory in the War on Christmas!

Bill O'Reilly declared victory in the "War on Christmas." Thanks largely to O'Reilly, the "Taliban- like oppression against [Christmas]" has ended. Our long national nightmare is over.

Take that S/Ps*!

*- S/P stands for Secular/ Progressivist, O'Reilly's term for those on the "far left" who hate things like God, tax cuts for the rich, tractors, preemptive war, Toby Keith, shady defense contractors and Applebees

Check out the video clip below to see O'Reilly (ever-so-humbly) congratulate himself.

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DEF said...

I heard The Grinch who stole christmas is going to be Kucinich's running-mate....