Friday, April 10, 2009

More Like Obama Mater

I'm not sure Sammag is ready for a religious sermon from the Sheehanator but its going to get is what I posted on

"I'm a devout Catholic going to mass every week, confession every month, going decorate the church tomorrow for the Easter weekend etc. I am also absolutely against abortion, I'm thrilled Obama is coming to ND. I am getting really tired of Catholics who clearly do not understand their own religion. Jesus did not come to this earth to talk with those who thought like him. He invited the most harden sinners to his table and accepted them no matter what their past or beliefs. He came to teach and to show the way. Why not invite Obama to ND, raise the abortion debate and allow Jenkins to discuss the pro life view as I am sure he will? To suggest that ND should only invite those that agree with the Catholic teaching is as snobbish as it is impossible. Where were all you staunch Catholics when Bush spoke at ND even though he was a huge advocate of the death penalty....right nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to judge lest not ye be judged, and judgment is mine sayith the lord? And how about hate the sin and not the sinner......oh I guess those don't count when you throw in politics. The Catholic understanding is that you are to accept and respect all people and not to condemn anyone. This is the same embarrassment as Catholic bishops thinking that it is within their right to deny ANYONE the Eucharist and its saving grace. That isn’t to say that you don’t stand up and scream at the top of your lungs for the downfall of abortion. But to make the next step and condemn a man for seeing it the other way IS NOT (Catholics are you listening) NOT Christ’s teaching. I applaud my alma mater."

I mean it man, has every Catholic forgotten that we are to treat our brother like ourselves? To shun Obama because he is on the other side of the abortion debate is just foolish and hypocritical to everything that being a Catholic is about. He is the President of the United States like it or not and most on this blog well know how hard we worked for a prestigious commencement speaker. Say nothing of the fact that this is a democracy and often time the other guy wins. Celebrate that. ND isn't screaming from the rafters "We love abortion! Can't get enough of it that's why we want Obama!" they are interested in what he has to say on the many many issues that he DOES fall in line with the Catholic teaching, such and health care, the environment, social justice issues, global poverty etc etc. Both Notre Dame and I hate abortion and the fact that Obama has gone ahead and expanded funding for it all over the world. But the answer is not nor will it ever be to condemn and shun him. Where does that ever lead. Bring the man here, pour him a glass of Johnie Walker Blue Lable (we can afford that), tell him how terrible abortion is, and then ask him to give one of his inspiring speeches to the future leaders of the free world. That's how this country works and what Jesus asks of us.
Finally is it so hard for Catholics to be able to seperate a man's accomplishments from a few opinions which we disagree with? The answer is no....that's why Obama carried the MAJORITY OF THE CATHOLIC VOTE in last years election. So why not let him come to the premier Catholic University in the country?

P.S. The downfall of Sammag..say it ain't so!


Anonymous said...

AMEN to that! I have been a catholic all my life and don't agree with every rule imposed but one thing I subscribe to is treat people the way you wish to be treated. Not all of us are going to agree on every subject, that makes us human. LISTEN what people have to say...make up your own mind. Answer to no one other than GOD.


Jenna said...

I second that. Great post, Chris! Point well argued. With Easter time all over the Christian community right now, I think Catholics really need time to reflect...

Anonymous said...

Great post Sheehan. Walking up to school, I've had the opportunity to converse with some of the pro-life protesters at the gates of campus who have been graphically picketing against the Obama commencement speech.

In these conversatoins, they are adamant that he CANNOT speak at ND because his politics are fundamentally out of line with Church teaching. I then ask if they support the death penalty, to which there is resounding "yes". Then I ask if they support the Iraq war, and again the majority answer in the affirmative. When I bring up the fact that their positions on these issues are fundamentally inconsistent with the Church teachings, I get blank stares and more scripted pro-life talking points.

My point is that these people seem to be only concerned with one issue, abortion (or baby killing in their words). Also, none of the protesters i've spoke with have ever attended the university or are even affiliated with the university.