Thursday, December 18, 2008

Drew Carey FAIL

No one had guessed the exact price of a Price Is Right showcase in almost 30 years, until this week. If a contestant guesses the price within $100 without going over, he gets both showcases. So my man Terry walked away with over $56k in prizes.

Too bad for the other contestant who was within $500.

Also too bad for Drew Carey who gets about as excited as I do when someone hands me a 30% off coupon outside a New York City subway station.

Bring back Bob Barker!


Anonymous said...


Stevekrik said...

Don't forget to spade/neuder my pet? where did that come from?

Chris Meehan said...

Dude... that's how Bob Barker always closed the show. Have you never SEEN the price is right?!?